Wake Up And Smell the coffee

Wake Up And Smell the coffee..
(random vector illustration)

so here we are another work with caffeine..
whooaaaa it's 2012.

Dear Thom

"Dear Thom"

You're so genius..

//digital&vector ilustration.//2011

keep In (T)ouch

"'Keep In (T)ouch"

As a human in a modern society.

//digital&vector ilustration.

Keep on Moving Like

"Keep on moving like riding a bike "

life must go on.
yes. please..keep on moving moving moving like a riding a bike

//digital&vector ilustration.

hidden smile

there's a hidden message in your hidden smile. girl.

fight for what we believe

work out

a type design for "workout".
a local aggressive fashion brand from bandung.
.visit here for more details.